QUALIFICATIONS: Trained Classical and Computer Animator: Accomplished in a large variety of 2D and 3D software Experienced in production, research and development of game engines Accomplished Teacher and Manager, trained Traditional Artist PROJECTS WORKED ON: Matrix 2 Gentle Giant Studios-Sim City 4 Curve Studios-Muse Engine :Musecorp. -WDL Thunder :3do -Butt Ugly Martians:Visionscape imaging -Requiem :The 3DO Company -Might and Magic Crusader :The 3DO Company -Dessert Hammer: The 3DO Company -Micronauts :Abrams/Gentile Entertainment -Van-pires :Abrams/Gentile Entertainment, MSH Entertainment and Van-pires Productions -Gex 2 :Crystal Dynamics -Full Throttle :Lucas Arts Entertainment -The Dig :Lucas Arts Entertainment -Wildcats :Nelvanna -N.H.L. Rules :Microplacement -Animation House: clean-up artist and inbetweener on 10 commercials. -Animation Group Ltd.: Character and effects animation - The Adventures of Mumphy: Phoenix Animation Company -Rice Krispies :Light Box -Spiderman :Gray matter -Fiendish Freddy's Psycho Circus :Gray Matter. ect SOFTWARE: 3DSmax,Maya,Light Wave,Photoshop,Illustrator,Painter,Z Brush,Mud Box,Flash,Dream Weaver,After Effects,Premiere -28 years experience creating art for various game engines EDUCATION: Douglass college (Business course) Classical Animation (2d animation course) ,Sheridan College , 1989 Open Studio 1988-1989 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 2014-Present Think Tank Digital Design 2014 various freelance 2013 (Tattoo Artist) 40 days 40 nights tattoo 2010-2012 (Freelance Webdesign )Spinpro Machining & Fine Machine Works. 2012 (animation and modeling) 3D Internet Company 2011 (Computer animator 2d and 3d) Clickspace Interactive 2010 (Computer animator) Freelance 2009 (volunteer work - on going charity work) : Web Artist The Love Through Compassion Society 2009: (Apprentice) Dutchman Tattoos 2008: (Concept Artist) Cryptarchy VFX 2007: (Instructor) IAM Media Institute 2004 to 2006 (Freelance Artist) Various Clients 2004 (Computer Animator/Modeler) Inhance 2002\03 (Art Director/Computer Animator) 1up studios 2001/02 (Self Employed) Meta-Motion and Muse corp , Curv Studios 2001 (Computer Animator) Gentle Giant Studios 1999-2001 (Computer Animator/Modeler) Muse corp 2000 (Concept Artist) Skeleton Crew Cinematics/The 3DO Company 1999 (Concept Design/Computer Animator/Modeler) Visionscape Imaging 1998-1999 (Senior Lead Artist Cyclone Dept.) The 3DO Company 1998-1999 (Computer Animator/Modeler/Concept Creator) Lumens Studios 1997-1998 (Concept Artist/Computer Animation/Modeler- Art director/ Animation Director) MSH Entertainment 1996-1998 (Art Director/Concept Artist/Computer Animation/Modeler) MSH Entertainment 1995-1996 (Computer Animation/Conceptual Artist/Modeler) Crystal Dynamics 1994-95 Animation (Co-Lead Artist) Lucas Arts Entertainment 1994 (Concept Artist) Nelvanna 1994 Animation (Freelance) Microplacement 1993-1994 Animation (Freelance) Animation House 1993-1994 Animation (Freelance) Animation Group Ltd. 1993 Animation (Freelance) Phoenix Animation, Light Box 1992-1993 (Animation/Character Design) Gray Matter Download a PDF of my RESUME HERE